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AMMAGEN offers customized research and testing services to support the biotechnology and life science labs and industries. Our services focus on research, development, and quality control of products.


Nucleic Acids Extraction

We are experienced in DNA and RNA extraction from any challenging biological sample like low copy number, fragmented, presence of inhibitors, etc. 

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

We are excited to troubleshoot any challenging qPCR or PCR of biological sampleslike low copy number, fragmentation, inhibitors or specificity and sensitivity amplification. 

SNP Analysis

We are adept at designing primers and probes to detect even single nucleotide base pair changes (mutants, variants, polymorphism etc.) with high sensitiveness and specificity.


We are skilled in 16s and 18s metagenomics assays.

We are expert in food testing at low cost and high precision. 

Why Choose Us

We have unique ways to help you with the following reasons

Experienced Team

Our enthusiastic research team is ready to take up challenges and give excellent solutions at a faster turn over time and low cost.

Best Research Analysis

We have decades of research experience that gives us the unique expertise in problem solving and analysis.

Precision Testing

Our comprehensive approach gives us the precision you desire in your results and products.

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